Dyed Couch

I know when you purchase a home the next thing you think about is furnishing it.  If you are a bargain person like myself for have spent everything you had getting into your new pad then you may be on a bit of a budget. I personally just hate spending a bunch of money for something that will sit in my home.  Don’t get me wrong, I love decorating, but I also love the challenge of not paying full price for anything!!!  For us, our playroom had only a few things in it…toys!  After several years I was ready for something to sit on in the space and to turn into a family room for us to hang out.

I started my search on Craigslist, where most of my searches begin for big furniture items.  After a few days of searching I came across this Ethan Allen leather couch, chair, and striped side chair for only $250.  I trekked up to North Austin and took a look.  This couch had been loved, but was not to the point that I wouldn’t put it in my home.  It had tiny scratches on it from their small dogs and few small stains here and there from their toddler.  My thought- well, my kids are just going to ruin it, so let’s make a deal.  We loaded up the couch and it sat in my game room for about a year before I came across this Pinterest idea of staining leather.

My first thought…can you really stain a leather couch?  Thanks to google I discovered you could and that there were several different ways to.  I prefered the  “at home” version (bargain way).  I jumped on Amazon because I am a prime member ( that is where I begin my shopping for any item online).  By the way, if you aren’t a prime member you should be…it’s amazing!!!  I ordered two bottles of the Fieblings Dark Brown Leather Dye.  They were $7 a bottle and free 2 day shipping for prime members.  Once I had my leather dye in hand I cut up several t-shirts into small squares.  I double gloved myself because if not my hands would have been dyed for 6 months I am pretty sure.  I started on the back of the chair in fear that I could be ruining my bargain Craigslist find.  The results were amazing instantly and before I knew it my chair was finished and gorgeous looking.  I jumped online and ordered two more bottles.  I was able to get the back of the couch and one cushion finished with that second bottle.

I rubbed the dye on in small circles and overlapping each section as I continued to dye each area.  Each area needed about 3 coats, letting it dry about 30 minutes between each coat.  Once it was completed I let it sit for 24 hours and then rubbed on a leather moisturizer.  This got off any excess.  The results are truly outstanding and it looks like I have brand new, very comfy Ethan Allen couch in my family space now.  I loved it so much I wanted to swap out main living room furniture out with this set, but needless to say after hours of my husband and neighbor trying to get the other couch up the stairs, it just wouldn’t fit.  People always comment on how beautiful the couch set is and the best part is that I transformed it for less than $30!

Now go find you a gorgeous leather couch for your home…and make it look new!  The dye is supposed to dye over any areas that have are cracked or warn off as well.  I found my instruction guide from Pinterest.Dyed Couch

Couch- Before and After


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