Really Bad Paint Choices

I am just going to come out and say it, “The stores should just not make paint in certain colors because some people will buy it and actually put it on their walls!”  Seriously, have you walked into a home and thought to yourself, “What were they thinking?  What are they still thinking because it is still on their walls.  They must not want to primer the wall and paint it again”.  I have!!  Maybe it’s because I walk into a lot of homes, but I am here to share that I have had my own paint nightmare.

If you are drawn to bright, ultra colorful, limit your buying pool colors than this post is for you. (PS- all of this is horrible- don’t do it!!!)



Years ago in my first home, everything was hunter green.  The kitchen tile back splash, the carpet, the bathroom tiles, the linoleum (yes, linoleum) floors even had little hunter green square.  It was horrendous!! The lady before us even went so far as to put hunter green contact paper in every square into of every closet, she even covered the hanging rods!  I had no choice, but to slowly weed it out of the home.  

And this leads me to the worst home painting project known to man!! If we had the skill set then that we have now, that house would have been incredible!  No wonder they did a major remodel after we sold to them.  Our skills were pretty limited on home improvement projects.  It was back in the early 2000’s when that hot pink color was popular and in all of the home magazines.  Anyone know what I am walking about?  I have the brilliant idea that this is the perfect color for my half bathroom.  I won’t over do it with pink so I will just do the bottom half and we’ll add some fancy chair rail to the bathroom.  I enlist the help of my 19 year old cousin at the time and we are so pumped to paint this little bathroom together.  My husband gets the chair rail, makes the cuts, we paint the chair rail and it is ready to go in the bathroom after we paint the walls.

Our first step is to remove the ever so awesome wall paper border next to the ceiling that of course has hunter green accents along with an awesome floral pattern via 1994 (I am not joking).  We got to painting the bathroom the most awesome shade of pink ever known to man- or so I thought.  My bathroom was going to be the rage and everyone was going to be jealous and want to go out and paint their bathrooms pink too.  I just knew it.  We step back after an hour or so of painting and we close the door and run to get my husband.  When we come back the first problem we notice is that when the bathroom door is closed, the hallway now glows pink under the door. Hmmm…isn’t that strange.  It must be lighting.  We change the lightbulbs- nope that didn’t help.  our floor literally had a pink glow to it!!!!  We open up the door and what we saw next made us all gasp.  It was so bright, it was horrible!  I had my pride to protect, after all this is the best color ever, right?!  I then think of the next thing I need to do is to soften it up.  Gold sponge painting of course. Off we ladies go to Home Depot to get us some more paint.  We come back, sponge the heck out of that half bathroom.  We step back to admire our work…..boy…I really have now words as to what the room looked like now.  I am honestly still speechless over it to this day.  It pretty much looked like a Victoria Secret backdrop gone bad or that a vs angel had been slain in the my bathroom and all that was left of her was the gold and pink of her awesome bra wearing body.  It was even worse!  How could this be?  At this point I had to admit defeat.  We had to neutralize the wall and start completely over.  Only bad thing is that I didn’t know there was such a thing as primer.  We head back to Home Depot for the 3rd time in 4 hours- by this time the paint guy knows us by name, is laughing behind our backs, and Home Depot is now investigating on how to change their policy on returning paint.  Pretty sure that went away solely based on this project of mine.  You can thank me later for that 🙂   We grab a good neutral cream color and decide to paint the whole bathroom back to a neutral state.  Only problem now…it turns the paint a nasty, brownish green color.  Awesome!!  We got back to Home Depot and the man now suggests a primer to me- gee that would have been helpful 4 paint colors ago.  We grab our primer, a light cream color for the top half and what looks a decent grey for the bottom half.  It is now almost midnight and we are committed to finishing this bathroom.  We go home, primer the whole bathroom, let it dry, paint the top half, and then bottom.  We step back and it actually looks good.  10 coats of paint later- I only wish I was joking!!  The next morning my husband went to add the chair rail that previously been cut and was ready for install…..and it no longer fit in the bathroom.  We literally lost sq. footage in that home because of my horrible project.  

I do not except defeat well and continue to paint today. However, it has made me take a second look at my paint choices and given me the ability to visualize the space in that color to a certain extent…and I never, I say never, pick big bold colors.  They just aren’t flattering for your home or the next owner.  

Paint color is huge in your home.  It can make a space looks smaller than it is, more closed it, cause the lighting in the home to be off. I am not saying don’t paint your home, but what I am saying is this:

1. Whatever color you like- have them make it 50% lighter than the card.  They will argue with you at Home Depot.  Do it and trust me, the color will be perfect on your walls.

2.  Buy good paint (paint and primer is genius, and I again think they created this because of me)

3.  Good brushes really do make a difference

4.  I hate the blue painters tape.  Buy good ol’ fashioned masking tape- it works the best and prevents the paint from seeping through.

5.  Think neutral and ask yourself, “If I had to sell my house tomorrow would this color be pleasing and neutral enough for buyers” (don’t be biased).  If the answer is no, it probably won’t look good on your wall. Secondly, if you don’t want to repaint before listing your home, then don’t go with with bright bold colors either.  

6.  If I am your Realtor and your have bright colors I am going to tell you need to repaint.  I happy to consult you on what color and if you provide me with margaritas, I might even paint with you 😉

Here is a good link on painting tips…

“Heather Jones is a Realtor with Keller Williams located in Austin, Tx.  Heather works primarily in South, Southwest and Central Austin, Dripping Springs, Lakeway and Bee Cave areas.  Her knowledge does not stop there are she has listings and clients from Georgetown, to Cedar Park to Pflugerville.  99% of her business is based on referrals and is a direct reflection of the the level of customer service she delivers to her clients.  She also goes above what other agents provide on their listings as she stages her clients homes to optimize it’s showing potential and bring her clients top dollar for their homes.  For more information please visit or shoot her an email at  You can start your home search today at”


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