Chalk Painting- Just do it, everyone is!!

Okay- so maybe I was a bit slow to join the chalk painting band wagon.  I think every stay at home across america has tried it at least once.  Now that I have tried it, I have painted anything and everything in site and I am not branching out to my friends homes.  Be afraid, very very afraid.

You might be wondering why on earth I would want all of my furniture painted in black and why one earth would we want to be able to write with chalk on all of our furniture.  Silly goose, chalk paint and chalk board paint are two totally different things.

Chalk paint is a very easy paint to work with and requires very little prep work, ie. sanding.  It is genius really.  You slap on a few coats, sand it down to the distressed look you like, rub on some finishing wax and your project is complete.  I am to cheap to buy the good chalk paint by Annie Sloan, so I made my own.  So far I have avoided an disasters.

My first project was the biggest by far.  I found the most amazing bedroom set for my daughter on Craigslist for $200.  It now looks like I paid thousands for the set (pat myself on the back here).  It turned out stunning if I do say so myself.  That led into my other daughters Craigslist find of some french provincial furniture I transformed as well.  Then it was dining room table, an old bookcase, an antique hutch (my husband about killed me on that one), a few random chairs and my favorite the dining room hutch.

The hutch is my favorite piece because I feel like it made the most difference.  I had an old Ethan Allen china hutch retro 1980.  It was horrible- hated it and I could not bring myself to chalk paint it because I knew I would still hate it and it would be a waste of my time.  So, I set out to find a new piece in mind.  I looked for months.  Then one day I stopped in to Goodwill just to see what they had.  I almost walked right past the perfect piece.  It too was a china hutch, but it split into two pieces.  I paid $200 for the whole china hutch, but didn’t want the top half it was hideous.  I then donated the top half back to Goodwill (I’ll take the tax deduction thank you very much) and brought the bottom home.  I decided on a light cream color.  It took three heavy coats, a very light sanding and I used the dark finishing wax to bring that bit of aging to the piece.  The results are incredible!!

Folks- you spend a lot of money on your home and you can spend a fortune decorating it too.  By scouring Craigslist, garage sale sites online, and Goodwill you can find some pretty amazing pieces of real wood furniture and turn it into your own Pottery Barn looking piece.  Only its 1 of a kind.

Chalk Paint Recipe

1/2 cup Plastor of Paris

1/2 hot water

1 1/2 cups paint (any color you want)


Chalk Painting

Chalk Painting


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