Declutter and Reclaim Useful Space

Well spring has sprung and it is time to start cleaning out the clutter and reorganize that house of yours. I have never understood why you would want to clean in spring? It is gorgeous outside. I would much rather be out enjoying a run, sitting at the park with the kids, or playing in the flowerbeds. I tend to clean and organize in the winter, but whatever your time frame is….if you have lived in a house longer than 6 months it is probably time to start addressing the clutter and dust collecting and hiding in your home. Here are some useful tips to help with that:

Go through each room in your home, take inventory and categorize

* Expired food and Medications
* Dated phone books, newspapers and magazines
* Broken items that cannot be easily fixed

Consider giving items in good condition, but of no use to you to your friends and families, charitable organizations, or advertise free on online garage sale sites or on Craigslist
* Clothing, shoes and accessories that are out of style or no longer fit your space
* Electronics that have been replaced: old computers, TV’s, stereo equipment, phones, etc.
* Items that have not been used for 6 months and that are easily replaced. Donate and give to a new home
* Items that were given to you, but you do not have space for. Give them to a new loving home

What to Keep:
Take this category very seriously. Ask yourself the following questions:
* Do you know what it does?
* Did you even remember having it?
* Have you actually used it since the last time you moved?
If you answered “No” to any of these questions, then you should consider trashing or donating the item

Restore Rooms to Core functions:
Give the rooms a functional identity and return to their original intended use. For example, if your living room is doubling as an exercise room, change it back in to a living room. When the rooms are in disarray this causes one to not feel calm and at rest when at home.

De-Clutter wall space:
When wall space is taken up with many items it tends to make the your eyes look over an entire space and cause it to look cluttered.  Your eyes need to go to one location.
* Keep only the most special of wall pieces
* Regroup wall hangings to maximize space and make it appear larger
* Remember less is more on walls. The least amount of wall hangings the larger your wall’s and house will appear to be. Hence giving you space back in your home.

Add functional storage:
Even after de-cluttering and getting rid of unused items, you may still need a way to store items within your home. It is time to invest in some great ways to store items. Try adding some great shelves in an office that you can store papers, kids craft items, or toys away in bins or cute storage boxes mixed with nice decorative pieces.

Pack up:
If you are considering a move in the near future, first call me!! 🙂 Then once you have thrown away all of the junk, returned the things to others, donated all of the stuff you don’t want or need, and returned rooms to their core functions; the house will feel a whole lot lighter and spacious. Create even more space by packing the following excess (overstocked or off-season or infrequently used items). Store the boxed items in an offsite storage locations, or in a corner attic.

Where to start?  Start one room at a time organizing one room at a time.  

This lovely advice was partially provided by Gracy Title Company.  Thank you!!


Go from this…


To this…


Add functional storage in your home:



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